Flight Preview Mobile App

Client: Honeywell Aerospace
Project Type: UX, Mobile App

Flight Preview is an iPad app for pilots from Honeywell that is designed to improve a user's situational awareness with regard to their destination airport. 

Pilots prepare for a flight in a number of ways, with their destination airport and its procedures being one of the many things they must prep for on every flight. We designed Flight Preview to augment and improve upon a traditional, largely paper-based process. Flight Preview allows the user to construct a more complete mental model of their airport approach and its surrounding conditions.

From a UX perspective, some of the functions I was responsible for included:

- UI Design

- UX flow, user journeys

- Visual design

- MarCom support

- Usability testing

Flight Preview is available on the Apple app store.

Learn more about Flight Preview at Honeywell Aerospace.